meet Pushkin

Picked up my puppy today and I’m so in love. He is a baby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel by the name of Pushkin. The more I looked at his cute yet serious face and his deep eyes the more appropriate it seemed to name him after the greatest Russian poet and the founder of modern Russian literature. My own little Pushkin…

What I wore to pick up the puppy:

  • Aritzia hoodie
  • Alice + Olivia leather skirt
  • Gap top
  • Marni  for H&M necklace
  • Vans shoes
  • dVb sunglasses by David and Victoria Beckham
  • Chanel purse
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17 Replies to “meet Pushkin”

    1. Yeah he is. Cousins all around ;). Now we have two girls and a boy. Marusia, Dunia and Pushkin – how Russian is that? Love it.

    1. Yeah I think so. And he has such an amazing presonality. He keeps doing the cutest things to a point where I don’t want to take my eyes off him for fear of missing something. We’re about to do IP together.

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