to the maxi

I still have two exams left and at the moment I’m studying something particularly exciting.  In fact it’s so exciting that instead of getting to my books already I decided that it was absolutely imperative that I make a post right this minute – on a Saturday, when the chances of someone seeing it are at their lowest.  What I’m studying is Patents!!!  Note the exclamation marks.  Anyway, time to get to it.

What I’m wearing:

  • YA-YA Aflalo silk maxi dress
  • Linea Pelle suede fringe purse
  • Burberry bracelet
  • Bruno Magli sandals
  • LOFT sunglasses
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11 Replies to “to the maxi”

  1. Looking very pretty as usual,love the dress 🙂 I’m also a student with a major in political sciences/international relations.May I ask you how old you are? I just wanted to say hat I respect you for pursuing your studies and maintaining your blog at the same time.There are quite a few female bloggers who compare or rather confuse blogging with serious work or a university degree – and this is not meant to be insulting.I find it great that you chose to do something “serious” and go to university, so at least you have a backup when you enter the world of adults 🙂 I can imagine that blogging takes a lot of time,but I still think that a young woman needs some kind of diploma or finished apprenticeship to make a decent living and pursue her career nowadays.And afterwards you can still decide to become a “professional” blogger and try to make you money with this kind of work if this is your true passion 🙂

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. I’m 28. And yes I agree with your observations about many bloggers and the seriousness with which they approach – what I consider to be – a hobby. It’s difficult to say what the future of fashion blogging will be, considering that internet is becoming such a prominent medium (if not dominant), but again, this uncertainty is both exciting and unsettling.

      Much Love,

      1. Thank you very much for your response 🙂 I do share your opinion on the future of fashion blogging: it is uncertain and therefore needs to be observed critically, which does not mean that you shouldn’t enjoy it 🙂

        I also wanted to add that I appreciate your mature and serious approach to my comment.From time to time I like to ask some rather “critical” questions or leave a critical comment in a fashion blog that I like. But in most of the cases I get quite angry answers from quickly offended bloggers or their readers,
        although my comments very far from being offending or insulting (see my comment above).
        Maybe the bloggers (or the readers “taking” the side of the blogger) are just not used to it,but in my opinion,there should also be some space for constructive critique next to flattering the blogger and its posts. Or maybe I am just wrong,since I happened to hear that “constructive critique” or “constructive criticism” does not exist…I’m just used to ask critical questions due to my studies (political sciences) :D…

        Anyway,I enjoy reading your blog and your posts,keep up the good work.You seem to be very natural and down to earth and you have a great sense of style 🙂 And good luck with your studies!

        p.s.: I see your dog is called after the Russian author Pushkin which I appreciate a lot.Are you from Russia?

        1. Yes. Well, kind of. I was born in Moldova, which used to be part of Russia. I moved to Canada with my family when I was 12 and moved to California for law school.

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