London: day 1

This is my first time in London and it’s just as amazing and full of character as I imagined it.  Having spent the beginning of my summer in New York City, it’s interesting to see what Europe’s largest metropolitan city feels like in contrast.

Wearing: Alice+Olivia dress, Guillaume Hinfray sandals, Chanel purse, Versace vintage bracelet

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3 Replies to “London: day 1”

  1. I am spending this summer in London and maybe it doesn´t live as much as New York but it´s still awesome! And great atmosphere with the olympic although quite busy. I hope you like it here! I do! :))

    1. Hi Georgie. I’m afraid that my post might have given off a wrong impression of what I meant to say. NY is flashy but London is just as incredible in so many different ways. Honestly, I’ve never had as good of a time as I’m having here. Thank you for your comment.

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