[ Day 3 + my birthday ]

Even though my posts are delayed by a few days in terms of looks, I would rather write about what’s happening today – my birthday.  It’s only 9 in the morning in London but we’ve already done more celebrating than I ever had for my b-days.  First, Benihana’s with my boyfiend’s amazing family, next it was drinks at…literally…the most aesthetically impressive and stunning Sketch, and then Rose – one of the most exclusive clubs in London.  I feel like I’m using the word ‘most’ a lot…but I have no choice in the matter.  I should probably take a nap since I have a whole day and another night of birthday action ahead of me.  After a few days here, I’m now completely enamoured with London.  Love, Lida.

Wearing: YA-YA Aflalo leather skirt, Joie chiffon blouse, Guillaume Hinfray heels, silver bracelet, Chanel purse

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