[ baby party ]

I remember taking the tube in London during rush hour.  It was one of those sardine-can experiences when your proximity to people is too close for comfort, it’s hot and sticky, and the entire ride you regret not choosing to walk or cab it.  A lady with two young girls around the ages of 5 was standing near by.  One of the girls turned to her mom and softly said, “Let’s have a party…A baby party.”  As you can imagine, the British accent only intensified the cuteness of that comment and made the unpleasantness of the ride all better.  Well, last weekend we had a ‘baby party’ for my friend’s son who was turning 6.  The kids were so funny that I felt a little like Johan Hill in the Sitter.  There is nothing like interacting with uninhibited, self-expressive children to remind you not to take yourself too seriously.  In that sense we can all use a good ‘baby party’ from time to time.

Wearing: Equipment chiffon blouse, J Brand shorts, Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses, Kate Spade purse, Halogen flats, Alexander McQueen ring, B-Low The Belt belt, Gucci and Versace vintage bracelets

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8 Replies to “[ baby party ]”

  1. You nailed the Tube experience exactly! I remember being on it and thinking “I’m pretty sure all the flats in the city are required to have showers. Use them, people!”

    Great photos and I love that blouse!

  2. Great pics. the green accents on the shirt and the purse work perfectly. and the alexander mcqueen ring with the bracelet, very nice. How long have you been playing the guitar? total guess, but you look like you’d be a great songwriter.. best. kisses.

    1. Hehe. You should hear the incredible songs I write for my puppy:) Now that I think of it, you might be right about my hidden songwriting talents :). I should explore those a little more.

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