[ nothin’ finer than a 49er ]

Right off the bat, I must admit that I’m not much of a sports fan so don’t be fooled by the 49ers shirt.  I’ve been to a few football and baseball games but (short of my company) the extent of my appreciation for what I was experiencing was pretty minimal.  Now that I’m a proud resident of California, I’m almost embarrassed of my sport-illiteracy – not very “When In Rome” of me.  My observations about what’s happening on the field are usually pretty ‘profound’; something to do with how tight the uniforms are or the fact that in football the guys sure like to pile up on top of each other.  I can just imagine what goes through the heads of the male counterparts that have the ‘pleasure’ of accompanying me to these sports events.  I also recently discovered that I could potentially be the most awkward person to bring to a sports bar on a day of an important game because as people are cheering and chanting I’m just people watching and never looking at the screens.  With that said, I love this 49ers shirt.  Wearing it makes me feel like such a ‘guy’s girl’.  I think I might start wearing it every Sunday just to throw people off.

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