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Be.com of France featured FT in one of their publications.  The feature is in French so I’ve included the English version of the interview below.  I answered these questions in the summer so as you’re reading this think one season back.

Could you introduce your blog in a nutshell?

Fashionista Talk is a fashion/personal style blog.  Most of the posts consist of pictures of my outfit for a particular occasion and a short paragraph describing the inspiration behind it.  I also have monthly giveaways where my readers get a chance to win designer items.

How did your blog start off?

It actually began kind of untraditionally in a sense that I didn’t know of other fashion blogs at the time.  I was becoming increasingly interested in couture designers and started collecting their pieces.  As my ‘collection’ grew so did my passion for fashion (as cheesy as that sounds).  Fashionista Talk is basically a product of that growing appreciation.  When I first started, it was nothing like what it is today.  I used to make videos and write articles on different topics (i.e. sequin dresses, royal necklaces).  The funny thing is that I can’t even watch those videos now because they seem so contrived.  On the  whole the blog is a lot more personal now.

How would you define your personal style?

I experiment but tend to gravitate towards more feminine pieces.  Naturally as I get older my style changes, or maybe ‘matures’.  For instance, lately I find myself embracing more form-fitting silhouettes and shift dresses bore me.

What was your latest fashion buy?

Brian Atwood and Valentino heels.

According to you, what is this summer’s must-have?

Neon.  Spring was all about pastels and this summer it’s neon.  I noticed that if you want to make a prediction about the trends for next season all you need to do is look at what was just ‘in’ – especially if you are dealing with extremes.  Remember a few years ago when the girls were wearing ultra low-rise jeans to a point where you could see half of their bum as they sat down.  In that case you could predict what was coming next – extremely high-waisted everything.

And next season’s?

Leather.  It was all over Fall 2012 runways.

What designer should we keep an eye on?

Ulyana Sergeenko.  I’m originally from Moldova (a former Soviet republic) so I might be a little biased, but I think that her designs are surprisingly fresh considering the extent to which they are inspired by the past.

What would be your fashion advice for our readers?

Don’t over think it.  Dress-up is playtime and ‘hot or not’ lists are nonsense.

Do you have a fashion icon, someone that inspires you?

I left this question for last because I’m having a hard time thinking of a particular person.  I find inspiration in fashion magazines, runway shows, blogs, street fashion, and in everything around me.

And finally, where will we find you this summer?

That’s a good question because I’ve been doing quite a bit of traveling this summer.  First it was New York City, then Hawaii, and in a week I’ll be going to London for the Olympics.  I make daily posts whenever I travel so it’s all on my blog.

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