“You can hang a sign on a pig and call it a horse, but it’s still a pig.”  This quote pretty much captures my take on fakes.  In theory I’m completely turned off by the concept but in practice I must admit that I’ve been tempted.  In fact, I’ve actually succumbed to temptation a few times before, the product of which you’re seeing in this post – the ‘Chanel’ bag and ‘Christian Louboutin’ shoes are fake.  As a law student specializing in Intellectual Property and Fashion Law, I call these two purchases “research.”  What my field-work has taught me is that fakes are the biggest waste of money.  The quality always fails no matter how good of a fake and wearing them makes you feel like a phony.  After this post you will never see these or any other fakes on FT again because I refuse to support a practice that strives on stealing someone else’s creativity.  It’s insulting to the wearer and the fashion industry as a whole. This change of heart is not just a matter of principle.  I don’t see the point in it anymore because the whole value system in wearing non-authentic pieces is backwards.  You get attribution to a designer without being able to really enjoy what they designed; all of the luxury elements have been stripped away to the point where the resulting product has no real value.  I’d rather save up and own a horse someday (not to say that pigs don’t have value, I love pigs).

Wearing: Etro silk jacket, Isabel Marant silk dress, Gucci belt, Luc Kieffer ring

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