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I feel a little silly writing about hair care because hair is not exactly a forte of mine.  With the exception of a few ‘wild’ bangs phases, I’ve pretty much had the same hairstyle since ninth grade.  For over a decade, if someone were to ask about what Lida’s hair is like the answer would consistently be, “long and blonde.” When it comes to what’s on my head I’m just a rebel like that.  However I do try to keep it as healthy as possible, which is often an issue for blondes because it gets dry from over-processing.  It’s these attempts at keeping the hair healthy that I can maybe speak on from my personal experience.  What helps me is: (1) Using Moroccanoil nightly.  I don’t like being a strong advocate for any particular brand on FT because that’s not what this blog is about, but I’ve been getting into the routine of applying Moroccanoil before going to sleep and I’m extremely happy with the results.  This product is a bit pricey but I’m sure there are comparable Argan Oil alternatives on the market.  (2) Applying a weekly hair mask.  This is a great way of revitalizing your hair without having to go to the salon.  (3) Finishing with shine oil.  Instead of using heavy mousses or sprays, shine glosses leave the hair looking naturally healthy.  (4) Again, finding products that address your particular hair needs.

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