[ keep calm and carry on ]

I’ve been putting off writing about this for a while because of its personal nature.  There has been a significant development in my life that I might as well reveal now because…well…it is what it is.  Basically…I’m single now.  Danny and I parted ways because of what I think of as “irreconcilable differences.”  I probably sound nonchalant about it now but we were together for a year and this breakup was pretty painful.  It’s funny how when you’re experiencing something monumental you start noticing others in your condition.  For example I heard that when you’re pregnant you suddenly begin to notice other pregnant women.  When things were really tough for me I was seeing a lot of sad looking girls – crying while driving or while shopping for groceries.  I was feeling that too and just wanted to hug them and make it all better.  Personally, what helped me get through that miserable period was running, focusing on school and friends, and remembering something my dad kept telling me – “Keep Calm and Carry On.”

Wearing: Theory leather jacket, H&M skirt, Kenneth Jay Lane bracelet, RED Valentino purse, Via Spiga heels

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19 Replies to “[ keep calm and carry on ]”

  1. Even if through ur eyes u can see u have been going through a tough time lately,you look stunning as allways.
    stay positive and carry on.thinking of you

  2. It is weird,but I barely see unhappy or crying girls in public. But I feel the same way when I see sad people – I just want to talk to them or give them a hug.And a strong hug also goes to you from Europe to California.I know how hard break-ups are and I wish you everything you need to get through this tough period. xoxo

    1. I’m with you Chloe. Thankfully, public displays of sad emotion are typically rare. Except that when I was going through the toughest of time I was seeing it everywhere (or so it seemed). I’m doing a lot better now but I really appreciate your message. A strong hug back Chloe :). Love,

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