I received some emails asking me to talk about my skincare routine so this post will be dedicated to answering this question.  I’m not sure that there is anything particularly unusual about my approach but I do try to live by a few basic skincare rules. (1) It’s all about consistency.  No matter how tired you might be, never go to bed without washing your face and applying night and eye cream.  (2) Don’t underestimate the power of toners.  I think they might be the most undervalued skincare products.  For the longest time I would skip out on using a toner and after cleansing I would go straight to applying a moisturizer.  The moment I worked a toner into my routine the texture of my skin became noticeably smoother and softer.  (3) Rejuvenate and replenish with a weekly mask.  Admittedly, this is the one rule I occasionally overlook but that’s probably because I haven’t chosen a day of the week on which to do it.  For example, getting into the habit of doing a mask every Friday before going out will make it more probable that you won’t skip that week.  (4) Use face sunscreen.  I love a slightly tanned complexion so in the past I was sometimes tempted to skip this step.  So as not to compromise the health of my skin I now simply use a little more bronzer.  (5) Find products that work for you.  This rule is kind of a given but what you see in the picture is what I use myself.  I hope this was helpful.  Keep smiling my lovelies.

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3 Replies to “skincare”

  1. I agree with regards to toner. I recently started using toner religiously in my daily skincare regimen and I swear to you my face looks way better than before! I also agree with SPF in moisturizers as well as night creams. What a difference it all makes 🙂

  2. I have used toner off and on and after reading that you’ve incorporated it into your daily regimine, I reinstated mine and my skin feels so smooth! Thanks, love! 🙂

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