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The Be.com feature got me thinking about an interview I did for Weardrobe.com before it was bought out by Google.  Weardrobe was doing a ‘Spotlight’ on FT and asked me similar questions a few years ago.  I was curious to see what, if anything, has changed about my answers so I dug up the interview.  As it turns out, I think the answers of the pre-California, pre-law school me were more amusing.  (I added some present day commentary in parentheses)  

Tell us a little about yourself, your blog and where you’re from…

I was born in Moldova and moved to Canada with my family when I was 12. I’ve always loved dressing up, photography and fashion, so creating a blog like Fashionista Talk felt like a natural development.

What are you studying and hope to get into later?

In August, I’m starting Law School in California where I hope to practice law it in the future.

When did you first realize your flair for fashion?

I think that moment of realization came to me sometime in my early childhood.  Growing up in Moldova – in the years of perestroika – there was a significant shortage of options in clothing (or pretty much anything for that matter).  I think that for some, these limitations imposed a heightened sense of creativity because if you had a vision for an outfit you had to make the pieces yourself.  This is one of the areas in which I watched my mom and aunt really apply themselves.  When everyone was wearing minis because that’s what was available, my mom and aunt wore gypsy maxis.  I watched them and I waited…for my turn.

How would you describe your personal fashion sense and how has it changed over the years, if at all? 

I love to experiment and play but on the whole I tend to gravitate towards the feminine. My fashion sense experienced most instability in my high-school years.  I went from nerdy to sexy to somewhere in between.  By the time I hit University (or it hit me) my current style was probably in its last stages of manifestation.  And by the time I graduated I was really into  high-fashion couture.

Any specific style icons?

One of my biggest style icons is Evelina Khromchenko – the Editor-in-Chief of L’Officiel Russia. She is one of the strongest voices in Russian fashion at the moment and that voice really resonates with me.  (I’m beginning to see a pattern with my style icons)

Where is the one place in the world that you would love to spend the rest of your days and why?

That’s a pretty difficult question to answer because there is a lot more traveling I would  like to do before I commit.  Out of all the places I’ve visited so far I can definitely see myself living in San Francisco or Manhattan.  I just know that my city would have to be big, diverse, and dynamic. (I’m adding London and Tokyo to that list)

What is the one thing in your closet you couldn’t live without?

I couldn’t live without my Inhabit cashmere cardigan.  It’s by far one of the most useful items in my closet and we have been through a lot together. (…and then I lost it)  

What are your favorite designers and places to shop?

Some of my favorite designers are: Stella McCartney, Alberta Ferretti, Chloe, Giambattista ValliLanvin, and Miu Miu.  I shop anywhere that makes affording these brands possible to a student.

How do you decide when to splurge and when to save on certain items?

Considering that I hardly ever truly ‘need’ a piece of clothing or accessory, I go by the value principle.  I almost never pay full price for anything but if I come across a vintage Prada dress that fits me well and is somewhat reasonably priced I’ll splurge.

What advice would you give to someone looking to define their style?

Experiment and pay attention to how your choices make you feel.  When you begin to feel comfortable with your own style you exude a certain confidence that will intensify its effect on others.  The way you carry yourself frames people’s perception of your outfit, so wear what makes you feel good and with time your style will define itself.

Next item you MUST purchase.

A pair of those black nerdy frames for my next prescription glasses. I plan to hit law school in style. (hehe, I still wear them)

In your opinion, what makes the world go round?

I left this answer for last because it’s a serious toughie.  To answer ‘money’ would be too pessimistic and ‘love’ too naive.  So I’ll go with the sun’s gravitational pull.

You’re stuck in an elevator with your favorite Beatle, who is it and what do you ask him? 

Paul McCartney.  Realistically speaking I’d probably be too shy or nervous, or both, to ask anything of substance.

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