[ Happy Thanksgiving! ]

Exams are officially taking over my life, hence lack of posts on FT.  However, today is a special day so I couldn’t resist.  Thanksgiving is not widely celebrated in the Russian culture but I am a thankful girl.  I feel incredibly blessed to have my sweet mom – who is my best friend and is one of the funniest and kindest women I know, my supportive dad – whose genius inspires me to learn every day and to make him proud, my creative brother – whose ability to think outside the box precedes me.  I feel thankful for all of my amazing friends who have been there for me through my recent and not so recent tribulations – your sheer presence in my life makes it so much richer.  I feel thankful for Pushkin and Chloe, who are too cute and loving to resist.  I probably don’t tell all of you this enough, but I love you all very much.  Thank you universe for your blessings!

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