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Some of you might remember my posts from New York last summer when I took a fashion law course at Fordham.  As it turned out, Regina and Ben Manevitz of the luxury jewelry brand Ben-Amunthe wife and son of the designer and founder of the brand Isaac Manevitz – happened to be my classmates.  On the first day of class we had to stand up and introduce ourselves to the group.  I was sitting next to a gorgeous girl by the name of Kim to the right of me (who is now by bestie) and a very witty gentleman wearing a kippah to my left.  When Regina first introduced herself to the class I was so ecstatic that I frantically turned to Kim and said, “What?!…Ben-Amun! I love the brand and own three of their necklaces. This is sick!!!”  Well something along those lines.  And then Ben turned to me and said, “I’m Ben…Ben-Amun was named after me.”  Crazy right?  Regina kindly invited us to their showroom and factory in the garment district where we met Isaac who gave us a personal tour of the place.  Naturally I couldn’t leave empty-handed considering how beautiful everything was so I bought this stunning necklace and a few other unique pieces.  The whole experience was unforgettable and I’m happy to have met and befriended their amazing family.  Needless to say, this necklace will always have sentimental value to me.  The third picture is of Regina Manevitz (left) and our professor Susan Scafidi (right).

WearingAlice + Olivia dress, Prada leather long gloves, Brian Atwood heels, Mcginn jacket, Ben-Amun necklace

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