oldies but goodies: [ clean canvas ]

I was chatting with one of my besties Alissa on Skype a few days ago and I realized a little something.  She has always had an amazing sense of personal style so whenever we catch up somehow our conversation always drifts to the topics of our cutest/latest purchases or what we wish they could be.  I’m not sure if I’ve ever told her this but she is probably trendier than me in a sense that she is quicker at putting the hottest trends of the season into personal rotation.  For example, she was wearing distressed boyfriend jeans probably as soon as the very concept of “boyfriend jeans” was coined.  I, on the other hand, played it safe and avoided it like the plague until about a week ago.  Anyway, they’re popping up all over the place again and this time around I’m on board.  I was exited to share this newfound appreciation for boyfriend jeans now that they are relevant again and while on the topic we realized that almost everything is in style this spring and summer.  I mean…what isn’t?  Jean, leather, bright colors, muted tones, floral prints, vintage, mod, boho, clean lines, elaborate silhouettes…everything!  That is so freeing.  A clean canvas for creativity.

Wearing: Plein Sud top, Vintage skirt, Christian Louboutin heels. Ben-Amun necklace

В разговоре по Скайпу с моей давней подружкой Алисой, меня осенило – она, со своим потрясающим  стилем, была способна быстрее многих, в том числе и  меня, попадать в тренд. Например, она начала носить джинсы в стиле бойфренд с эффектом потёртости  с самого момента зарождения этого концепта. Я, же, дала себе время для адоптации. Так или иначе, эти джинсы опять вернулись к нам, как “хорошо забытое старое”. Что? Опять в моде? Весна-Лето 2013 года – в моде все: от  классических, чистых линий до авангарда, джинсы, кожа, броские оттенки, пастельные тона, цветочные расцветки, винтаж, бохо…   Огромное поле для творчества!


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