[ to tattoo or not to tattoo ]

I’ve always felt conflicted about tattoos.  On the one hand calling it a form a self expression or even art and treating the body as a canvas sounds romanticized enough to be appealing.  But lets be real for a second.  Most tattoos out there rise to the level of doodling at best.  I also doubt tattoos can be considered a fashion statement because nothing in fashion is ever permanent.  For this reason, if the words fashion and tattoos are ever in the same sentence it would have to be in reference to temporary tattoos.  They can be placed on any part of the body and easily removed within seconds.

The world of fashion is as noncommittal as they get.  It plays around with a concept for a season or two and then unapologetically discards it with little hesitation.  You don’t want to be the girl leaving desperate voice messages on the guy’s phone after a one-night stand and never get called back.  That’s what I imagine it would feel like to get a permanent tattoo and later regret it.  Fashion is the guy in this analogy and you’ve just given too much of yourself too fast without it being appreciated.

[Wearing]: YA-YA Aflalo dress, Kenneth Jay Lane earrings, Casadei heels, temporary tattoos c/o DCER

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