[ runway to life: out of the blue into the black ]

I’m going to digress once again from the topic of beautiful things and speak about something that has preoccupied my mind as of late.  “People tell you who they are, but we ignore it because we want them to be who we want them to be.”  I don’t mean to throw too many quotes at you guys in one week but this Don Draper line captures my thoughts exactly.  The inclination to believe that it is possible to empower someone to change through your own persistent efforts is one of the most naive and futile fallacies of the human nature.  What inevitably follows is frustration because the basic law of cause and effect is disrupted.  We are conditioned to expect our efforts and attention to translate to some quantifiable, positive result but it doesn’t materialize because the recipient of those efforts likely puts no value on them.  They were not the ones who initiated the ‘cause‘ so they are not invested in the ‘effect’.  As you might have guessed, what prompted all this overthought is something very basic and far too common – a stupid boy.  The moral of the story girls is that if you want to see progress and minimize nonsense in your lives focus on improving yourselves.  When people “tell you who they are” listen, draw conclusions and move on because they will never be who you want them to be unless they are already there.

[Wearing]: Temperley London dress, Fendi sandals, Cartier bracelet

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