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I’m back from yet another hiatus from blogging.  Admittedly, saying “I’m back” this often almost defeats the purpose.  At this point I should probably just acknowledge a pattern of unpredicted absence for indefinite periods of time and just resume whenever time permits.  But honestly, my life has been equally as unpredictable for the past while.  I moved back to Toronto, went on a vacation to Cuba, returned to Toronto from my vacation on a Friday with an offer to start a new job in California on a Monday, accepted, re-packed, and started the new job in California two days later.  That’s just a glimpse into the pace of my life since the last post.  Not to mention the weekend-girl-trips to Miami and LA, which lead to zero downtime but tons of memories.  On an aesthetic front I’ve been obsessing over Celine accessories (related post coming soon).

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Wearing: Celine sunglasses + bag, Zimmermann bikini bottom, Cartier bracelet

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