[ runway to life: blossoming tulip ]

The new opera season just started at the War Memorial Opera House and I’m definitely ready – season tickets for eight shows and most of my looks already planned.  First up was a performance of Sweeney Todd.  I’ve probably seen the Tim Burton film version at least five times so I was curious to experience it on stage. The singing aside, it’s pretty difficult to compete with the charisma of Jonny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter but the overall show did not disappoint.  Last night’s performance was a beautifully staged lavish spectacle.

For the show I paired this sculptured Vera Wang dress, that kind of resembles a blossoming tulip, with satin pumps and Lanvin drop earrings.  It was not until today, when I sat down to write this post and glanced through the runway collection, that I realized this dress has pockets.  It was my first time wearing it and the pockets are so well hidden in the skirt that I had no idea.  To tell you the truth I felt a little jipped for that night.  There are a few things I love more in modern tailoring than pockets in dresses.  When possible, every dress should be a pocket dress.

[Wearing]: Vera Wang dress, Gucci clutch, Dolce & Gabbana heels, Lanvin earrings, Cartier bracelet

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