[ thankful ]

Thanksgiving is not a holiday I grew up with but I welcome the idea of pausing to give thanks for the preceding year.  With the pace of life now a days we rarely get the opportunity to just chill and appreciate life.  This past year has been an emotionally charged roller coaster for me, many parts of which I hope to never relive again.  But I’m so very thankful for everything I have learned and the person those experiences have helped me become; the support and patience of my family and friends; my adorable little puppies whoes cuteness never fails to put a smile on my face; my law firm for creating one of the most amazing work environments in the Silicon Valley; this blog for giving me a creative outlet; for all of the turbulence in my personal life finally coming to an end having made me stronger, more independent, and oh-so much wiser; the freedom to do whatever and be whoever I want; the travel; the beauty; the love and laughter; the peace. Thank you life!

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