[ power red ]

I shied away from red altogether for the greater part of my adult life.  Somehow it was always too much for me.  Too dominating, too vibrant, too overpowering.   It’s definitely the most assertive and unapologetic of hues.  Unfortunately, girls are socialized to be the opposite of all that red embodies and that might be, at least in part, the reason behind our hesitation wearing red.  We are taught that to be beautiful we must be subtle, reserved, balanced, and pleasant.  But isn’t beauty about being comfortable in your own skin?  What if your mood on a given occasion lends itself to the most vibrant of reds?  If so, rock it with conviction!  Better yet, intensify the look by adding red accessories.  We might have been socialized towards pastel pink but RED is what we are – Strong, Mesmerizing, and Dynamic.

[Wearing]: Christian Louboutin heels, Jen Kao skirt, Versace purse, Marciano top, gold hoop earrings, gold necklace

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