[ overload ]

Intense florals, heaps of jewelry, color fusion, layered patterns.  This high waist + crop combo is an aesthetic overload.  Being that it’s comprised entirely of statement pieces this type of mixing should never work in theory.  I don’t mean to sound presumptive in assuming that it works in practice to all of you because that’s unlikely.  However, if the workability of this combination is not completely outside the realm of possibilities I will consider my experiment a success.  Alexander McQueen’s famous quote, “it’s a new era in fashion – there are no rules”, means to me that there has been a shift to an expression-centric, individual-based mode.  The “Fashion Police”, “Hot or Not” metric of what is embraced or rejected is a thing of the past.  This new era is freeing and fresh.  An era where you can create and explore one crazy combo at a time.  The only rule is to refrain from judgment; both of yourself and of your fellow fashionistas.  It’s a fresh start.

[Wearing]: Clover Canyon skirt + top, Christian Louboutin sandals, necklace ℅ Happiness BoutiqueIsaac Mizrahi clutch  

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