[ introducing + LIDKA Designer Vintage eShop + ]

+ LIDKA Designer Vintage eShop +, on LIDKA.ca, is where the readers of + LIDKA BLOG + can purchase the exact authenticated designer items featured on this blog.  The authentic designer items come off the runway, they are handpicked, styled by me on the blog, and become immediately available for purchase at a fraction of the retail price the moment the post goes live.  

For example, the retail price of this floral Roberto Cavalli silk mini dress is $2,390.00 USD.  It is available in the + LIDKA Designer Vintage eShop + for $495 USD.  The light pink Rebecca Minkoff “Becky” blazer retails for $368 and is available in the boutique for $149.  Being that the garments are the exact pieces worn by me in the posts, most of the sizes range from XS-S, 0-4, 38-42, and the availability is limited.  Visit the eShop for details.

[Wearing]: Roberto Cavalli dress, Rebecca Minkoff jacket, Elyse Walker suede pumps

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