[ how to style a loose one shoulder mini dress ]

Whenever I see a loose fitting, one shoulder dress – especially when it’s in a flowy fabric like silk – it reminds me of ancient Rome.  The off the shoulder drape, billowy bodice, and asymmetrical neckline make me think of something I might have seen in a historical drama involving gladiators.   When a silhouette conjures up such specific images I like to let those associations inspire and even lightly inform my styling.  Here are my styling suggestions:

1) Accessorize the dress with a belt that sits on your hips and is of relaxed design (preferably nothing with a buckle).  Great options would be a leather knot belt, a hook and eye belt, a leather braided belt, or a loose chain belt.

2) I styled the dress with heels here because I love how the colors of the dress and the satin pumps compliment each other, but high gladiator sandals would look awesome with a short dress of this cut.

3) Everything should stay relaxed so opt for a purse with a long strap.  Imagine a Roman goddess or gladiator (pick your inspiration) holding a clutch or a handle bag.  That would just be awkward and unnatural looking right?  Now imagine them holding grapes.  Stick with the relaxed “grapes” vibe!

[Wearing]: Roberto Cavalli silk dress, Malo braided belt (both items available in + LIDKA Designer Vintage eShop +), Theyskens’ Theory satin pumps, Chanel bag

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