[ how to style busy pattern dresses ]

When it comes to styling dresses with busy patterns it helps to neutralize the look through the use of accessories.  Pull one of the more subtle colors from the print and accessorize with balance in mind.  For example, being that this Blumarine dress has something of a “jungle garden” vibe going on, I used a simple tan leather belt to give it a sense of effortlessness and ease.   I followed the same principle when choosing the metal fringe sandals and the sunnies.  Busy patterns do a lot of the work for us when it comes to making a statement so it’s important that the rest of the pieces don’t talk over each other, let alone contradict or confuse the message.

[Wearing]: Blumarine silk dress, Tom Ford sunglasses, Rachel Zoe belt (all available in + LIDKA Designer Vintage eShop +), Bottega Veneta sandals

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