[ draped + gathered ]

LIDKA – Zero + Maria Cornejo dress insta preset-1

I love this Zero + Maria Cornejo dress because there is something very nostalgic and “vintagy” about it.  The draped and gathered shapes relating to the body’s curves is a breath of fresh air to a shape we’ve seen so much on the market.  The present state of fashion affairs is so dominated by bodycon aggressiveness that a unique silhouette such as this is the perfect way to undermine the obvious.  If an art exhibit, a chic cocktail party, or a fashionable dinner is on the horizon, an avant-garde piece such as this would be most appropriate.  I styled this dress with two different belts for variety.  Let me know which option you prefer.

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[ 3.1 Phillip Lim Top GIVEAWAY ]

+ LIDKA + Phillip Lim Top GIVEAWAY

Hello Lovelies,

Welcome to our 3.1 Phillip Lim Top GIVEAWAY. We wanted to make sure that the top would fit everyone so it comes in size L. As you can see from the pictures and the way it’s styled, it looks super cute in a looser fit as well. So if you typically wear XS-S it will still look amazing. The top features a built in chain necklace.

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[ How to style busy pattern dresses ]


When it comes to styling dresses with busy patterns it helps to neutralize the look through the use of accessories.  Pull one of the more subtle colors from the print and accessorize with balance in mind.  For example, being that this Blumarine dress has something of a “jungle garden” vibe going on, I used a simple tan leather belt to give it a sense of effortlessness and ease.   I followed the same principle when choosing the metal fringe sandals and the sunnies.  Busy patterns do a lot of the work for us when it comes to making a statement so it’s important that the rest of the pieces don’t talk over each other, let alone contradict or confuse the message.

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[ red rina and a scarf ]


This is one of my creations from the + LIDKA + Debut Collection.  I think I started designing it in my head the moment I laid eyes on this fabric.  The feel, the texture, the color, the print!  I was completely enamored.   I immediately started thinking of a full length silhouette and red organza detail.  An elegant and restrained bodice from the front juxtaposed with high slits and a bare back.  I pictured a girl riding in a classic convertible in this dress, which prompted the need for an indispensable accessory – a matching headscarf to keep the hair out of her happy face.

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[ How to style a loose one shoulder mini dress ]


Whenever I see a loose fitting, one shoulder dress – especially when it’s in a flowy fabric like silk – it reminds me of ancient Rome.  The off the shoulder drape, billowy bodice, and asymmetrical neckline make me think of something I might have seen in a historical drama involving gladiators.   When a silhouette conjures up such specific images I like to let those associations inspire and even lightly inform my styling.  Here are my styling suggestions:

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[ belted taupe ]


I have a bit of an obsession with belts at the moment.  If the inclusion of a belt seems remotely possible within a look I almost always try to maneuver a belt into it.  Haha, I have been binge watching Game of Thrones with my girlfriends over the weekend and now everything is a “maneuver.”  Waist belts are a particular weakness of mine.  They accentuate the waist and frame the silhouette for additional  structure and detail.  The Herve Leger top and the Diane Von Furstenberg waist belt are available in the + LIDKA BLOG BOUTIQUE + on LIDKA.ca.

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[ water paint ]


What I love most about this Blumarine dress, aside from its romantic lightweight chiffon texture and the deep plunging cut, is the exuberant colors.  It looks like someone took a brush and painted over the fabric in large strokes.  I wanted to play up the vibrant tones against the nudes by adding accessories that pop.  Occasions that call for daytime chic are the perfect opportunity to mix color and opt for that bright yellow clutch reserved for the sunny side of extravagance.

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[ hello summer ]


It’s almost bikini season, which begs the question: What are the top trends for swimsuits this year? I did some ‘investigative work’ and this is what I found: (1) halter bikinis; (2) tassels; (3) side cut-outs; (4) plunging one-pieces like the own I’m wearing; and (5) lingerie inspired lace detail.   Duly noted, Miami Swim Week.  Duly noted!

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[ runway to life: kaleidoscope ]


No other fashion house compares to Emilio Pucci in its treatment of color.  Its signature prints are so deeply ingrained in our sartorial minds that even a slight allusion to its distinctive traits conjures up an association with this powerhouse.  Having had some exposure to Pucci prints, I’ll forever interpret a combination of geometric prints in kaleidoscope colors as somehow related to the brand.  I’m now forever imbued with the Pucci disposition.

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[ air + ice ]


When VSA Designs sent me this necklace to style I immediately knew that I wanted the look to have a cold and airy motif with some edgy undertones.  I started by layering a sheer cape over a light beaded top covering a distressed leather mini-skirt.  The silver accents are accentuated by the gothic necklace and mesh studded mules.   In essence this look is comprised of three major elements: silver, silk, and leather.

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[ runway to life: fishnet back ]

Lida Mankovskaya FT1

New York Fashion Week might have marked the official end of summer but open-back tops are trending in full force.   Designers are incorporating fishnet-back blouses, backless tops, and spine-baring dresses into their collections with increasing vigor.  Layering a tank or bodysuit is a potential solution to the inevitable drop in temperatures this season.  When in doubt, layer!

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[ deep wines ]

Lida Mankovskaya DK 1

In an eerie overlap with the theme and aesthetic of Michael Costello’s Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear Collection, this look is comprised of many of the same stylistic features – thigh slits; sheer detailing; deep décolletage; bodysuits; lace; floral headpieces; and of course the deep wine tones.  Having just shot and edited the images, I was astounded to discover the countless similarities after stumbling upon Michael’s collection on Instagram.

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[ chiffon glow ]

Lida Mankovskaya 74

In general I think that the juxtaposition of textures and themes within the same look makes for an interesting interplay. Here, I played around with the soft and the hard, the feminine and the indelicate.  The sheerness and ruffles of this asymmetric skirt introduce an element of ethereal romance to its traditionally aggressive animal print.  The bold, minimalist accessories in the form of a metal gold belt and large matching bangles counterbalance the softness of the chiffon.  “Lights are stronger in the contrast.”

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[ bustier as daywear ]


While sculpting your body in traditional binding pieces like bustiers or corsets is ultra feminine, their styling requires proceeding with caution. The key to making the bustier appropriate for day wear is all in finding a balance.  This can be done by adding volume via bubble or maxi skirts; pairing it with high-waisted pants or shorts; or even layering an oversized sheer blouse.  Once relegated to the lingerie drawer, the bustier now has stand-alone power but that power must be used wisely.

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[ black + sheer ]

lida mankovskaya dior 3

Looking back to the runways: if you’re inclined to do opulent luxurious fabrics this fall, black lace should be at the top of your list.  But irrespective of the fabric, black sheer tops generally are the season’s evening staple.  I’ve included some notable runway looks for you to consider at the bottom of the post.  Happy peekabooing!

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